Model: HJ-ELE-2008

1. The elevator adopts a hydraulic cylinder system.
2. When handling large size glass, it provides the speed, safety and convenience you have come to expect from Hanjiang.

Lifting distance: 1000 mm
Machine size: 3400(L) × 500(W) ×900 (H) mm

Hanjiang is a professional elevator manufacturer in China. We offer a wide variety of products that includes our automatic gas filling insulating glass line, assembly-in-press insulating glass line, butyl extruder, super spacer insulating glass line, belt cross grinding machine, and much more.

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Other Products
  • Insulating Glass Sealing Robot The insulating glass sealing robot adopts CNC control system to control 9-axis simultaneous motion, thereby achieving fast and continuous sealing for insulating glass.
    Servo motor drive hydraulic pump to control accurate sealant calculation and rate of flow to get precise mixture ratio.
  • Automatic Vertical Glass Seaming Machine The automatic certical glass seaming machine adopts an advanced CNC control system, which results in simple operation with a high level of automation.
    The HMI touch screen ensures fast, convenient parameter setting and helps monitor the machine running state.
  • Low-E Glass Film Removing Machine The low-E glass film removing machine adopts CNC system control system, ensuring automatic operation.
    The touch screen interface contributes to fast parameter setting and helps monitor the machine running state.
    Four-axis servo control and simultaneous motion ...
  • Automatic Spacer Bending Machine The spacer bending machine can automatically avoid bending and cutting connectors between spacers and circular arc.
    Due to the utilization of AUTOCAD graphic conversion, irregular- shape spacer frame can be bent
    It is possible to input rectangular spacer frame ...