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Automatic Horizontal Glass Seaming Machine

Automatic Horizontal Glass Seaming Machine

Model: HJ-HSM-2008

1. Using the CNC control system with 11 axis servo control that we develop independently, the horizontal glass seaming machine comes with high automation and easy operation.
2. The glass processing machine is designed with a user-friendly touch screen interface which ensures ease of operating and parameter setting and keeps working condition automatically monitored.
3. 11-axis servo system guarantees high processing accuracy.
4. All parts of main structure are made of water-proof materials, enabling long time use of the glass edge grinding machine.
5. This horizontal glass seaming machine employs a special conveying system for precise and stable glass movement. The system uses rollers instead of other wearing parts to remarkably reduce the production cost. The glass is held at side and experiences the perfect Low-E Glass treatment.
6. A pair of grinding wheels works together to grind different edges of the glass with an outstanding finishing speed, and ultra long service life.
7. The auto glass seaming machine features free connection with other glass machinery including glass cutting line, tempering furnace or automatic insulating glass line.
8. It can automatically distinguish the glass dimension and thickness, thus easy and efficient for processing glasses with different sizes.
9. Water filter is equipped to remove glass powder generated in grinding and prevent scratch.

Technical Data of the Horizontal Glass Seaming Machine:

Glass size: Min.:300mm×600mm; Max.: 2440mm×4000mm
Glass thickness: 4mm~19mm
Linear speed: 0-30m/min
Power: 3P, 380V/1P+N 220V, 50Hz, 8.5 kW
Air capacity: 0.8m³/min
Compressed air pressure: 1MPa
Unit water pump capacity: 15ton/hour
Roller height: 850±10mm
Machine size: 5800×3860×2000mm

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