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HANJIANG is an internationally professional company for the complete set of insulating glass solution. With 5 series of automatic vertical IG production lines and full range of relative auxiliary machines for different customer requirements on function and automation, HANJIANG machines are serving more than 1500 customers in different developing stage worldwide. As a leading machinery manufacturer specially for the insulating glass production and technology, we concern the material we are using and the production management, which is the keypoint for a relaible machine and long term cooperation with our customer. HANJIANG has obtained the most strict CE (by European institution and expert) and UL production standard.

Project Planning & Consulting
From your factory planning, market products requirements, processing procedure and products qualification, HANJIANG is always available for the professional information. According to your market requirements and company development, we give you advice of machinery on every stage.

Quality Control & Guarantee
The restrict material selection and high standard quality control in the production management guarantee HANJIANG customer the reliable machines without any worry. For the key parts and electronics, we only concentrate on the best international brands. HANJIANG is conmitted to turn over a stable running machine for your long-term efficient manufacturing.

Software & Control system
The customer-friendly control system and operation interface make the machines easily operated and less malpractice by the operator. We are making the robust machinery function into a easy operation interface. The cooperation with world leading software company endow the machine a strong control system and very reliable even for the high technical machines like the sealing robot and vertical seaming robot.

Installation & Trainning
HANJIANG qualified technician will go to install your machines on site. During and after installation, the systematic trainning will be supplied to your operators. Before our technician leaving, the smooth production and basic customer self trouble-shooting ability will be guaranteed. You can also send your technician to Beijing for the trainning. In addition, the English speaking technician is available.

Service & Upgrade
Our English speaking engineer is 24-hour available. Services is always ready from our headquater and near-by service center once you need it. HANJIANG strong R&D team and technology emphasizing tradition guarantee a fast innovation of our machinery with regards to the fast development of the glass industry. All of our machinery are designed with the future upgrade possibility.

Technology & Innovation
HANJIANG based its R&D on the international level and requirements. Our products are servicing the customer from basic requirements to the internationally high technology for the the IG procduction. It is our advantage to give you the complete solution for high level insulating glass, like soft coated Low-E glass, production. By this way, we are cooperating with global customers with a reasonable investment.

Main Products
  • Insulating Glass Sealing Robot The insulating glass sealing robot adopts CNC control system to control 9-axis simultaneous motion, thereby achieving fast and continuous sealing for insulating glass.
    Servo motor drive hydraulic pump to control accurate sealant calculation and rate of flow to get precise ...
  • Automatic Vertical Glass Seaming Machine The automatic certical glass seaming machine adopts an advanced CNC control system, which results in simple operation with a high level of automation.
    The HMI touch screen ensures fast, convenient parameter setting and helps monitor the machine ...
  • Low-E Glass Film Removing Machine The low-E glass film removing machine adopts CNC system control system, ensuring automatic operation.
    The touch screen interface contributes to fast parameter setting and helps monitor the machine running state.
    Four-axis servo control ...
  • Automatic Spacer Bending Machine The spacer bending machine can automatically avoid bending and cutting connectors between spacers and circular arc.
    Due to the utilization of AUTOCAD graphic conversion, irregular- shape spacer frame can be bent
    It is possible to input ...